Her Forbidden Boss

What happens when your heart’s desire is challenged by parental expectations?
When Aatmaja Rai (Maja) spurned her suitor and defied her parents by fleeing India for a job in London, she expected to return home in a year and finally accept the arranged marriage she was destined for. Four years later, she’s still enjoying her life of freedom, except she’s unintentionally fallen for her boss’s boss. A man her parents forbid her to marry.
Nikolaos Papadopoulos (Nikos) has sworn to bachelorhood, until his parents’ ultimatum that he be married within a year or he doesn’t get control of the family business. There’s only one problem—his friendship with Maja has morphed into something deeper but his parents won’t allow the union. They expect him to marry a Greek woman.
From glamorous Porto Cheli, Greece, to Mumbai, India, this is a contemporary romance about opening the door to love, crossing the threshold of friendship, and taking the leap across the cultural divide.

A Greek Hero and Bollywood Heroine contemporary friends to lovers romance about following your heart.
#FutureWife: An unintended game of truth

What happens when a man with a serious social media habit falls for a fiercely private woman in need of a sperm donor?
When obstetrician, Lauren Summers and social media influencer, Dane McKenzie meet, their undeniable chemistry leads to a sizzling night. As he ponders the concept of love at first sight with his social media followers, Dane announces he’s met his #FutureWife. Lauren avoids social media and has no idea Dane is drawing her life into the public arena. In a worst case scenario, amid a meddling best friend and ex-husband, Lauren must face her guilt and abandonment issues, while Dane is forced to reveal the one thing he’s been keeping from everyone.
The Three Date Rule

I He’s an intriguing billionaire, but she’s learned the hard way that men like him can’t be trusted.

When wealthy property entrepreneur, Ryan Jensen, collides with emotionally scarred single mum, Kate Morgan, he’s shaken by a premonition of her as his bride. Experience tells Kate he’s bad news, but she figures one night of passion will get their sizzling attraction out of her system. But Ryan has good reason for his “three date” rule —no sex until the third date— and he’s not about to break it for anyone. From the thrill of the Melbourne Cup, to glittering Christmas Markets in Austria, and the ski slopes of Switzerland, can Ryan overcome his own scars and win her love?

A sexy game of rules … and breaking them, and a Christmas they will never forget.

Romance Writers of Australia Sweet Treats Anthology 2022

SWEET TREATS 2022 features stories from Romance Writers Australia’s top sweet romance entrants in a collection both heart warming and beach-read worthy.

Grab your soft serve and settle in for a delightful night of romance short reads featuring unavailable flatmates, lemonade on hot afternoons, secrets and scandals.

A Royal Enticement

Is Jayne destined to be forever unlucky in love?
After a two-year love affair with her married boss she finally finds the strength to end the unhealthy relationship. And it’s all thanks to the new kitchen hand, Xavier. He’s handsome, fun, and single. Unfortunately, Xavier has placed her firmly in the friend zone. And he’s also hiding a big secret from her.

Hope For Valentine’s Day

James Read is a wealthy entrepreneur but he’s not so successful in love and it surprises him to think a loaf of bread and the relationship he wants might be found in the same place. He wants more than just the receipt from Hope, his favorite checkout chick at the local supermarket, but Hope seems to have other priorities. Or does she?
A fun and flirty short contemporary romance for Valentine’s Day.