An Enticing Christmas Gift

Christmas is Sarah Riccardi’s favorite time of year. But when Santa
grants her wish for a man who likes Christmas as much as she does,
events take a strange turn. Santa’s magic whisks Sarah from New York to
the Gold Coast, Australia, where she meets Alex Demetriou. The man may
be as hot as hell, but his fervent dislike of all things Christmas
forces Sarah to question Santa’s matchmaking skills.

A feel-good holiday read.

A Royal Enticement

Is Jayne destined to be forever unlucky in love? After
a two-year love affair with her married boss she finally finds the strength to
end the unhealthy relationship. And it’s all thanks to the new kitchen hand,
Xavier. He’s handsome, fun, and single. Unfortunately, Xavier has placed her
firmly in the friend zone. And he’s also hiding a big secret from her. If you
love the idea of a royal romance you’ll enjoy this sweet, contemporary romance
short story. The original version “An Enticing Proposal” features in the
Romance Writers of Australia Little Gems Anthology—Sunstone (2016).

Hope For Valentine’s Day

James Read is a wealthy entrepreneur but he’s not so successful in love. Then he discovers Hope and realises that a loaf of bread and the love he’s seeking might be found in the same place. He wants more than just the receipt from his favorite checkout chick at the local supermarket, but Hope seems to have other priorities. Or does she?

Romance Writers of Australia Little Gems Anthology
Short, sweet and more-ish – each of the Little Gems is a luscious bite sized romance snack

Little Gems Short Story Anthology 2016 - Sunsone
Little Gems Short Story Anthology 2017 - Onyz
Little Gems Short Story Anthology 2018 - Jade